Hello everybody

Wild Man Dan

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Well this all looks like some pretty funky stuff ive just signed up and im impressed to see how many people i know, hi there you know how you are. Top marks to the guys who put on the liquid connective party for new year, what a way to start. hope to see you all at the next big mash up. WMD.


Hey there, I don't think you know me yet, but I'm sure we'll get acquainted pretty soon :welcome:

Happy New Year Wild Man

hugs, tortoise xxx


Yeah, hellloo Dan! Phat NYE wasnt it! Good to see you on here at last. Dear o dear who let Ian loose in here??? He has been causing some havoc left right and centre, and his sister has been stirring it already!!!! Surprise surprise! :love234:

I'm on here most of the time due to getting very bored at work very quickly so pop in for a chat and some gossip! :drinking:

LOL Millie xx :bananada: