Hello everyone, glad to join the 'scene'

Daniel Frisbee

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Hello everyone, I got into psytrance a couple of months ago, second psytrance party I went to was soulclipse in turkey, best holiday ever, went alone but made friends quickly enough. since getting back to london I've been trying to keep it going, tried getting my friends into it without much luck (they reckon it's geeky and immature. So what if it is?). Luckily everyone's really nice, who thought going clubbing alone would be such fun...

So if you see a shortish bearded longish haired guy with colourful clothes say hello if I haven't yet for some reason...

More generally I'm into making things, art etc 3d graphics and music, and ...
FRISBEE! which I am obsessed with, so once the outdoor parties start come and join the chuck around.

Artists i've discovered and liked so far are: Ticon, Atmos, Dark Soho, Jaia

Generally the happy disco melodic stuff, like the crazy stuff too but not so keen on the dark scratchy depressing stuff. But, it's a journey and that may all change.

I look forward to meeting more of you soon
(If any east-enders are around I'm starting an Ultimate frisbee club in Victoria Park, if interested email me Danielmadderley@hotmail.com)



Hey there Daniel, nice to see you've found your way here after only a coupla months. Psy-trancers geeky and immature? Surely NOT????

ha ha ha ha ha...sounds about right tho' We like to think of both of those attributes as being positive virtues.

Geeks, gotta love 'em!
Daniel Frisbee said:
thanks tortoise, see you out in the fields and in the forests
I love geeks too. But I'm not one of them...

you're into psy, course you are :iwink:

welcome! :iyes:

Space Disko

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Hey ..and welcome to ye olde Psy forum...

Brightons not too far .....and its probably gonna be raining so dont miss this :

Daniel Frisbee

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hi snafu, soulclipse was amazing. Booked my ticket to boom the other day, heard mixed things but I'm pretty sure I'll love it. I get the impression lots of people are going from england so maybe see you there...