Hello everyone


oh go on, just one then..
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Currently Leipzig, Germany
Hello people, hope everything is sound in your neck of the woods!
my name's ian, i am based in southampton, uk. i'm 25 and i dj a bit of psy, i have a couple of mixes up on my website www.riskydisco.com and play the occasional set on www.clubbedout.co.uk . i also play out at eufluoria psytrance parties here in southampton. www.eufluoria.org

my site's pretty new, so there are currently only 2 mixes on there from myself and dj spike. more to come though.

if anyone on the forum is based around the south of england, get in touch and i'll let you know of future parties!

cheers! :drinking:
Hey Ian - :welcome: to the forum - will be in touch about the parties, as long as no-one talks about football (we're too close to Pompey for comfort) :Wink3:

allooooooo :sun: :wizard1: :shrooms: :drinking: :peace: :welcome:

bounce bounce!!

have a hamster! :wub:

xxx LiLo Ferret xxx

(SCORCHIO!!!) :jump: :jump:

Risky you do? what does it look like?! what is it called?!?! what colour is it?! is it soft?!?! does it bite? is it sociable?!!does it have long whiskers?!?! HUH!!?!? does it does it!!!??
Uh im so excited!!!

xxx LiLo xxx :wub:
hahaha she's light brown, doesn't bite and is very sociable. we've had her since she was a baby and she loves people. she's called nibbles, cos that's all she does all day! the sweetest pet by far! :Grin: