Hello everyone!!

Chrissie Ferngrove

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:wizard1: :shrooms:
I thought I'd already said hello, but it turns out I haven't so HELLO EVERYONE!! I'm Chrissie, live in Hampshire, quite regularly go to Tribe of Frog and Toadstool, love psy-trance, etc. etc. This looks like a big forum so maybe I'll meet some new peeps on here. Come and say hello (+ hugs) if you see me at a party - I'm colourful, purple hair, glasses, gappy teeth, over 50, big smile. See ya on the dancefloor!!


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and i cant wait to see you when i'm not chasing you on the web

:gonnasta: xXx

fluffy nutcase

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Hey! My names Chrissie too! Never met another one - I'll have to trak you down at a party somewhere. XXX


Floating Higher
Welcome Chrissie.

You sound very bubbly :wub:

Hopr to see ya at a Frog, Don't know what colour my hair will be by then (changes regularly) :wizard1: But I'll come track you down for a real one of these :hihug:


Hello chrissie, hope we see you this weekend at Mindzai start at 8pm.


Chrissie Ferngrove

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OOOOOh!!! I was right - lots of lovely peeps on here, and thank you all for giving me such a wonderful welcome (both those I know and those I don't ... yet) This forum seems to be always rockin' so I'll be a regular on here I expect.
Love, cuddles, hugs, etc.