Hello Fellow Trancers


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Hey ppl, love this forums vibe
I've been a trance addict since Ibiza '99
Glad to see the empathy has found its way back to these shores
I Really enjoyed the Bristol gig, it was well worth the drive. Can't wait for the next one at Mass 12th June. You'll most likely find me loosing it on the dance floor with a huge grin on my face.
Much love to you all.


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:welcome: dude! Uve found the best forum on the net!




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welcome dude......see ya at the pys gathering then! :peace: :sun:


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Hehe, hoho, and :welcome:

Actually, I was curious to see if you were Mr Oood in disguise but clearly, reading the above, not.

Welcome to a great place.

Hint: Learn to ration your reading and posting, or you won't be looking perky and fresh at work in the mornings! Only the elderly can get away with that. So far... :Wink3: