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Tunbridge Wells
Just thought I'd say a quick hello as I am new around here. I'm a Tunbridge Wells based psytrance junkie and have been referred to this board by a mate of mine. I'm normally to be found on glastonbury festival's official forum, where I am a moderator (using the same handle). There are a few folk round here that already know me, though they'll know me as Frog, hello to them.

I used to organise psytrance events in Tunbridge Wells, but these have largely bit the dust due to lack of interest (all R&B and Hip-hop monkeys about these parts).

Anyway HELLO. :Grin:
Alwight dude :Smile3:

Cheers for the place to gibber fer half an hour this evening ... saved me from a wait and a half for a train :Grin:

Speak to ya soon and enjoy da forum :Smile3:
Sure you'll enjoy chatting and joking around these parts. Welcome!