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Adam Vortex
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Hi everybody,

I'm Adam Place, I live in Bristol, I love to dance to psy-trance, I'm seventeen, but everyone says I’m mature for my age. One day I’m gonna make a film that changes the world, but at the moment I’m studying.

I got into dance culture last year, me and my friends had been getting loved up together and just chilling out for a little while before, then I met my now ex-girlfriend, who took us to some drum+bass nites. Although we enjoyed them at the time, they were absolutly nothing compared to what we go to now, too much attitude and repetitive, exhausting music that was actually not very good at all. We got into the free party scene in Bristol, which was much better, not only was there the excitement of finding the parties, but there was a much friendlier and diverse crowd, which we felt more of a part of. We carried on freepartying till some bloke fell of a balcony and the scene completely dried up, except for occasional benefit parties, which just weren’t the same…

It was time for a change.. and it came in the form of TRIBE OF FROG, I went to my first one last november for a friends birthday and haven’t looked back… I felt at home! I got all my close friends along after that, and I haven’t missed one since november (excluding the one in spain).

Last Saturday, I went to Twisted Frogz in London, got the bus up, although my friends all said they’d get tickets, none of them did, I spent all of Saturday day, wondering if I should sell my ticket, but I decided I had to go… I got the bus up, and before we even got on I’d made some new friends, I was chatting all the way down, and it felt like the party had already started!

The Rocket was amazing, best Tribe of Frog party I’ve ever been to… decorations fantastic, music spot on and so may lovely friendly people. Highlights: 1) seeing OGPete again.. what a legend that guy is, 2) Mike doing the body paint telling me I’d made his night cause I told him how the body paint got me and my girlfriend together at the last ToF in Bristol, 3) running into my friend Jenni who lives in Edinburgh now and 4) bumping into Matt from my tai chi class… I had no idea he went partying..let alone to tribe of frog!

Anyways… I’ve already gone on for too long.. hope you're still awake

Keep the peace

Adam x x :Wink3:
Aw, shucks! - Cheers, Adam. :sun:

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Thanks for a brilliant, interesting introduction. Welcome on board, and we're gonna look forward to seeinya on many a trancefloor in the future. In fact, I've been going to Tribe of Frog only since one month before you, Adam. - I'd heard about it through Liquid Connective and Project Ozma friends and decided to give it a go. Travelled by train on that occasion with discounted fare using a Senior Railcard. Tee,hee... :Wink3:

Are you going to Psy Project in London on 12 June? It was great to see you at the Rocket. If you're in the middle of A-levels, you'll have to be careful to strike the right balance between work and play, so I ain't gonna over-encourage you to come here (to London) again so soon. You have to decide for yourself. My friend, Birdy, faces the same predicament until all the exams are over. And then...

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Good luck with that film.

Pete xx :wizard1: