hello from canterbury!


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Hey all, just wanted to say big hello to anyone from canterbury here.....

hope the crap weather isn't getting us all down :Smile3:

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: - why is it that other places have a climate & we have weather? :P

Have some sunshine ... :sun:
Welcome! And be grateful for small mercies......... we're as south as it gets. Imagine what the weather's like up north. They must be havin like bear blizzards and that, y'know what im sayin bruv? :P
well, cai ur not far off,

im wearing what? 2 pairs of socks and have been hitting the heating dial in an attempt to get warmth into our digs :mad: cold

howsa tis it down sawwwwf? i miss it a lil bit, but dont tell any of those northen peeps, theyl hang me at dawn! :Wink3:
'Tis bleak. I start thinking about going to bed and then realise its only 8! I hate it getting dark so early!
Life in general is pretty good though :Grin:
I live in town, used to go to ukc, but graduated this year.....but can't seen to leave the place :Smile3:

good old ukc :Smile3: tho theres not much in cant music wise to offer, the missing link in darwin sometimes has some good psy stuff going on tho :Smile3:

You guys live down here? or just at ukc?
hah yeah thats true cai, we do get the best deal down here i reckon :Smile3:

tho time to crack out the thermals me thinks :Sad: