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hi all i am 26 and percy is my brother ... i like all music and fire poi 'n' stuff oh and partying hard ... eerrr and bright flashing lights .. yay talk to you all soon hopefully.....
Hi BRUV GLAD YOU COULD JOIN US :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
Are you as mad as your brother? :lol:

Welcome to the forum dude :Smile3:
Hello Deadlock, bringin' more good blood into the group eh... See you at Omniscience on Friday?

:welcome: :clubjump: :welcome:
Heyheyyyyyy anuver bruva,

:welcome: to da forum mate... I'll see ya at Omni this Friday I expect.....

awwwr hi ppl such a nice warm welcome . nice to meet you all .. and yes i am as mad but i have more energy....heh
Hiya :Grin: Welcome to the forum. Hope u have as much fun here as we all do :wub: :hihug:
well the challage is set .. Death of the Dale Dancer ... and then fire poi for a warm down ... :cool:
Hello mate, nice to 'meet' you! And I didnt even know Perc had a brother! I hope you're coming on friday, always good to meet another maidstoner. I'll be there but not till quite late, the trains from plymouth are nothing to rely on... :Wink3:
hi dood

hey i'm new too
has your bruv told you how to work this new fangled
psy/dance/computer/type thing or are you still in the dark like me..i'm sort of guessing my way around.
my bruv's ratty but he tells me f k all,still i'll work it out i'm sure???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

all the people seem to be cool nutters though,i'm sure thats a good sign?

hope to get away from my shackles and to another party soon, so hope to meet some more of you all.. although i,m sure no one will remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool: :cool: :cool:
All Will Become Clear ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
percy...you have a brother????????????
how long have known you and not known this information???????

or is there something fishy here>????????????

Haha he has several.... guess the parents kept on trying hoping to get another one like him ..... :lol: :lol: :lol:
:sun: :sun:

:wow: Percy's bruvva :wow:
bOiNg BOiNg ~~~ :jump: ~~~ PoiNg pOiNg
I have met Percy and I LIKE PERCY (lots) I hope you're as nice as 'im :Wink3:

I am missing out this weekend (well not really cause Im getting slaughtered at a big fat Irish wedding in Belfast) but hopefully I will catch up with the lot of ya soon...and there shall be......

:jump: :bananada: POINGING :jump: :bananada: and oh yes lots of it! Cause I know how to! :bananada:

Whiskers, scorchio & pOiNg,

Ferret xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :rolleyes: