Hello from Deadlock

hi dreadlock see you on the dancefloor on friday xxxxxxxxxxx :wizard1:
You seem to be a special person ???????????????????????????????????????????
hiya Deadlock,

Percy told me you had joined....will be good to see you on a dance floor sometime, the Dale Dancers bouncing, so when's your nephew joining? haha the psy-trance scene could be taken over....

my names Jackie and he's probably mentioned me (but i'm nice, honest!)

see you soon :bananada: :bananada: :bananada:

WOW eerrrrr ... jaw drops .... Yes i am back. thanks for the big hello and sorry i didn't make it to the last one will be there for the next one . as for the sibling count theres five of us in different flavors.... BIG HELLO TO ALL wow dancing fruit :bananada: :clublase: :punk: