Hello from Greece and Exposure Productions!


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Hello there mates!

My name is Mike and i live in Piraeus,Greece.

I am the manager of Exposure Productions and a party promoter in my country.

Nice seeing your site and cant wait to start posting :Smile3:

Easy Mike welcome to psyforum :Smile3: This forum is extraodinarily psychedelic

Yiasou Levendi!!

Walcome to the firum, I always get excited when I see Greeks on here, I lived in Glyfada for almost 7 years and just love Greece. Keep us informed of the scene out there!!


Hello Detox


I'm from athens too! From kalamaki!

greatruaha i didn't know you live in greece, we are neighbours you know!
Welcome aboard mate :Smile3: :wizard1: :shrooms: :peace:
Hello greatruaha :Smile3:

I live in Piraeus which is located just 20 minutes away from Glifada,but i bet you know that already hehe :Smile3:

Greetings to psymush and full lotus :Smile3:
yasou fille
i lived in cyprus, thats all the greek i know and some not so pleasant words.. anyway :welcome: to the forum..

Now that's interesting!
Was born & raised in Glyfada, (hello greatruaha!)
Studied in Glasgow (& hello psymush!!)
and used to work in Piraeus! :wizard1:

Weird eh? :blink:

:welcome: Detox

Have fun here! Are you one of the Samothraki Mikes?
DETOX said:
No i am not one of the Samothraki Mikes :Smile3:

Ooops! So you are Mike "hurry up grab tickets for Voov now" Mike then!! :lol:

Welcome to the forum mate, hope you have much fun around these parts! :bananada:
high Mike.....

I am new here as well....have a great chruising through in here.... :smoke: