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I'm marc. I live in Prague. In england i'm known as Fluoro on Soulseek i'm known as Doofus. I write Psy-trance. I have released stuff... But fingers crossed..... :Smile3:-"
Hello.. I met a guy from Prague at Tribal Shamanix in London a couple months ago, you're not him are you? :Smile3:
Hey marc, good luck with the choons and ...
:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

Yay, thank God you're not from pixie land anyway :punk: :Wink3:

Hope to meet you, my family on my mother's side is from Prague, but I've never been myself. Would love to go and check out my roots, so to speak.

hugs, Tortoise
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hey Marc :welcome:

i have heard that there are some underground caves in Prague where you can watch a full orchestra - something about a lake under there too. have always wanted to come over for a weekend and experience it. :Smile3:

is it true?

x jackie x