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Do you know what a Doppleganger is?
Do you wish to understand more about superstitions, esp and dream interpretation?
Do you want to know the phases of the moon and how it can affect your week?
Or how about Numerology, ie: what do the pythagorean and hebrew tables say about you and your name
Or do you just want to no what your star sign say's for the following week?

Come and chat with like minded people

Chat room opening nite
Monday 12th September, 8pm on southeastlondon.org. and every Monday thereafter.
Subjects -
Astrology/Paranormal activities/Horoscopes/Folklore/Mythology/Hippy rings/Psychic advice.... etc etc



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i've no idea what a doppleganger is?
do tell... hmm :iheyhey:


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Pop into www.southeastlondon.org on monday night and all Will be revealed.....
Pic's are fab - I have much to learn about this internet malarky, I'm loving all I am able to do. Monday night is the first night i bring my spirituality to the net.
Hope to see you there