Hello hello all!

Cutters Choice

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whats up lovely people??
Well as part of my prep for Glade I thought I might join psy forum to "meet" some people before we all rock up there!
I guess you want some kind of idea who I am?
Um, Kiwi, living in London, female, smoker, poi spinner, veggie, lover of most things green, tall, memory of a goldfish!
I like to cook and have a wee drink! Been spinning poi for quite a while now, but have gotten stale, lazy and bored with it!! I know thats hard to believe but I find it difficult to learn new tricks and got fed up with the frustration. Currently shopping for new object(s) to manipulate, at this stage it looks as though the juggling peeps are going to trap me.....
I love London/England for all the interesting stuff going on, events, castles, diversity and people, altho I wish it had better weather and I could go barefoot everywhere like home! Shoes are so overrated.
So thats me. Tell me about you!!!

Hi Cutters Choice & :welcome:

I look forward to meeting you at Glade, but in the meantime do make sure you step outside the 'smoke', as there's life in the provinces :P
:welcome: have some mango slices :Smile3:

hope to meet you at glade :lol:

huw xx
Heeyyyy there !

Hello there miss choice.

glad your 'cutting' it fine in this we country of ours.

I used to race in germany once a year, then go touring after the event around germany, tent in boot.

Remember one year we stopped off at Heidelberg, well we played spot the German, there was none, only the Brits, Aus, yanks, and the good ole KIWI'S, usually touring them selv's in a VW Cravanette...

We hooked up with a Kiwi couple.. we sat around the fire smoking and drinking and laughing till we fellover, and into are sleeping bags.

Yerr we stayed another night so we could do it again.

a night to remember.

I am in Liverpool, and there are three good Psy Trance nites up here, if ever your heading this way pm me and I will introduce you to lots of like minded people.

Take care cutter, :Wink3:

DD :cool:

*insert frantic waving here*
Nice to meet you and welcome! Hope I will bump into you at Glade - please tell me you have stumbled upon the 'Glade Tent Commune' thread - if not I advise having a browse through - it all helps building up the excitement (which is not something I should practise to be honest cause I am already very near a 'Ferret Shock' incident!)

About myself...
hmm.. :blink: ehm I cant mix, produce, engineer, draw, paint, juggle, spin stuff around, walk on stilts or blag - but if there is some good music and friendly people I will be allover it like a cheap suit and I can whip up a frenzy in a tea cup!!!
so there! Uh uh uh uh and guess what... I AM _quite_ Danish too!!! :P