hello, i am a new member of the forum


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hello there, i am new to this forum, but my brother (who is actually younger than i am, is already a "veteran" i guess, as he is on the forum for quite a long time.

I am from Romania, and have just decided to become more involved in PsyTrance, after i have participated at Transyvania, a Goatrancefestival in Romania, organised by Styxand my Brother.

I like Science Fiction Literature and Fantasy, though from the latter i have not read very much, as in Romania u can't really find stuff like that in Romania, at least not in English. Beside that i love PC games, strategy and RPG (lately), and i am fascinated about Elves, they just seem so cool, too good to be true :Grin: .

Movies are another one of my passions, and some philosophy and economics, politics... well, mostly irreal stuff, but some things like international problems of risk and security are of interest for me too.

Well, besides all that, naturally i like fractals, the future ,history, and psytrance.

ok, that would be it, thanks for reading,


Elves are to good to be ture.

There not real.

They don't exist.

Leprechauns however do.
There is one behind me and he dosn't know that I know that he is there.
I am about to jump around and knick his pot of gold.
Damn. the little fucker saw what I was typping and turned me in to an elbow!
Welcome aboard mate :Smile3: Is Dennis your brother? :sun: :peace:
hello and welcome :Grin:
yeeeee... elves are magickal!!!!
by the way.. im half transylvanian :Smile3:
well..welcome to the trance family