Hello Im a new recruit from Glade


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Hi Im new to the psy forum. I went to Glade at the weekend and thought it was the absolute best party I have ever been to. Thats why Im here. I love it.

Ive been going to parties since '91 so Ive been about a bit. I usually go to lots of tekno and D&B free parties but would love to go to psytrance ones aswell.

So just a big hello to everyone here and I hope u all enjoyed glade as much as I did.
Big welcome to ya.. Damn good pici's too. They'll go nice on our new Psypics server..(1024x768 max)

:sun: :sun: :sun:
:party2: :party2:
Hi Tigermoff & :welcome: to the forum :drinking: . Don't be a stranger now :Wink3:
Ratty said:
Big welcome to ya.. Damn good pici's too. They'll go nice on our new Psypics server..(1024x768 max)

:sun: :sun: :sun:
:party2: :party2:

Thankyou and hello to you. Help yourself to the pics. :Smile3:
Heh Heh, the exodus continues !

Well howdy there mate, and a warm welcome.

Glade you could make it over, and hope to see you at another party soon .


Hello mate. Glade to be here. I should be going to the Moot at the end of the month. Hope u r going.
AGHGH, erm yes... I was going....

Then my darling girlfriend, last night reminded me that we are at a wedding ALL SODDING WEEKEND !

It wouldn't have nbeen so bad., if it were'nt for the fact that last time one of her mates got married, I missed that big Moot on the Ridgeway !

Oh well, have to be next time I guess - hope you it all goes well though .
Ahhh. I missed that Moot too, but the Munt on the ridgeway made up for it tho. I'll take sum pics while Im there so you can live it from youre PC.
Me too mate

I've been partyin from bac in the day and I gotta say it just keeps gettin beter.
I went to Glade too loved it ! so now me and the missus are trying to juggle the universe to be at one or both omni and boom, its gotta be done.


Boom Festival will be the one this year i reckon... a giant global community meet you could say. If you want magical festival vibrations then get to Portugal for late august. :Smile3:
Welcome to the forum bro. :peace:
Welcome to the forum matey, glade to hear you enjoyed the glade, hope to catch ya around at a party sometime soon
The Phonographist said:

Glad to see you adopted the Alien Testicles as your avatar.

Had to be done.... :Wink3:

And to everyone else a big thankyou for welcoming me. I dont think I will make it to the boom festie this year, but I should be at FrenchTek in August.