Hello! I'm Dan... and you are?


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Hi everyone,
I'm Dan and I live in Cardiff, so if there's any psychedelic lovers reading near here please come and rescue me 'cos I am sick of being forced to listen to wank house. Why oh why are there so many wank house nights on in Cardiff? Bah.

I write tunes so check my 2 latest out here
Any comments would be welcome :Smile3:

Pffff, what else? uh... Tribe of Frog is wicked, as is Asterix, Adam White is good and Tidy Boys are shit. Good hard trance gets the thumbs up, hardstyle gets the eternal bog flush of doom, along with Bionic and a couple of gallons of Domestos.

Aaah, now i feel better.
Dan. :irazz:


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and what is i am


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Why so many house nights in Cardiff? Cos it's Cardiff... I love the place, but it was dire for parties. Welcome!!


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You should try looking for a trance party whilst living in Haverfordwest... without a car. Great fun. there was one in Cardiff while I was there, but by the time I'd have gotten there it would've been almost over! Tee hee.


I went to Cardiff a few years ago.
I met 18 people called dave.
I spent two nights at VH1 or whatever the club was called, and I found out that black rose was a shite shop.
Other than that the brown pubs were wicked.

Welcome! :Smile3:


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Welcome Dan :Smile3: There's even a few from this forum from around Cardiff (or Caerdydd, as my Welshy upbringing has it...), and it's renowned for not being very trance at all. I love Cardiff to bits tho'.


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Awwww, i like it too.
I moved here last year from Swansea, which was quite a laugh as well.
Just gotta get some more decent tunes and cosy nights going on....

Apparently MonkeyBar in Swansea has just got a license till 6, and has a trance night and a psy-trance night, starting at the beginning of November. Definately going, so if anyone's in the area come along.


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Can I pike a lift Dan? If your cars not full already... We really ought to get a trance night up in Cardiff, but will anyone come if we do? That's the question.... I can't see many locals doing it....

On that note, EVERYONE COME TO CARDIFF IT'S GREAT!!:ibiggrin:
Esp. if we get a night going... It'sa lovely place.


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Hello, I'm Dan's girlfriend Jen.

Cardiff would be wicked if there was a bit more decent stuff going on... feel free to send any happy party vibes to this God-forsaken party hole!

That night in Monkey should be cool... hopefully we will have a space in the car... :Smile3:

By the way... you should all check out http://www.finrg.com for some ridiculously stomping tunes... not psy-trance - Finnish freeform - absolutely fucking immense!!! xxx