hello im erky >: )


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north london
i live in london and come from cyprus :Grin:

Hello erky,

If things really are that bad, then you've done the right thing in joining psy-forum :Wink3: It's full of fluffy people that are really nice and will have you smiling in no time at all. :Smile3:

Put, your feet up, light ya pipe, and make yourself at home. The fun begins here :Grin:

woo hoo!

sure you'll be causing trouble round here then eh? >: )


Enjoy, love heva x
:welcome: & have fun here... :Smile3:
whooopdidooooo erky :lol1:
welcome .... have lots of fun !!
big hugs the crazy nata nutter.. :Wink3:
Those tears will soon be wiped away. Enjoy my friend!
heheheh :wow: look at this :Grin: yeah this place seems nice :hehe:

hello heva nata :Heart: :Heart: :Heart: :Heart:


so whos in london????
Yia sou Erky re,
I grew up in Cyprus! (but I'm english) You're gonna love this forum, man, you've hit a treasure. So many lovely people, so little time to skive off work :Grin: . See ya round and KALO TAXITHI!

Phlee :shrooms:
Ahhh, the penny drops :hehe: I'm afraid I don't speak any Turkish :no: But I hope you'll have fun here anyway. No, make that I KNOW you'll have fun here anyway :Grin: WAIT! Here's some Turkish: MAYMUN PORTOKAL! Hurrah! Did that make any sense? :P Peace

merhabalaaar :Smile3:

its great to see other turkish people on the scene, I live in rochester 45 mins from london but you can find me in London nearly every weekend in the parties. I ll be in symbiosis on 7th join and get to know some forum peeps too on the psy forum meeting area see you there...

I am sorry but i have to write in english as there would be no other that can understand :Smile3:
I am turkish too and I come from turkey making my ma on philosphy of art.

May all beings be happy
May all beings be liberated
ohhh woww selamlaaaarrr a turkish person in the scene who is not a drug dealer!!!! :P

im from north cyprus but grew up in istanbul(asia)

i will be in symbiosis so ill seee u there hopefully :mushrooms:
:welcome: and enjoy!
Loads of madness afloat & u r bound to miss no party around!