Hello Im Lucy



Hello my name is Lucy & I live in London and I do art. I like Trance music but get very bored during the week. I would like to meet nice people and find out about chilled out places such as cafes bars with an alternative croud in London.Im glad I found the psy forum and I hope to get some replys. Peace & love , Lucy
Hello, and :welcome: to the forum, there are many friendly people here, and i'm sure alot of people who live in London who would be pleased to help you.

Take care

x :Smile3:
Hello and :welcome: . Where abouts in London are u?
Welcome to the forum - If you bored during the week, this forum is great for passing the time - lottsa friendly people :Smile3:
:welcome: Martha LUCY
welcome home
glad u finally found us

lets c, looking for stuff to do in th eweek heh....
Psycoteca is some thursdays at the Aquarium in Old Str.
everynight at Psy DMT in Camden is something happenin- i think fridays is chillout, not sure, but there are always psy-dj's playing there upstairs

Purple Turtle also has some stuff in the week, not sure how much psy-trance though

otherwise, just hang around camden me thinks