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hello, i just popped into virtual existence 10 minutes ago, so for the next 24 hours I'm fair game for teasing, but after that... i won't have been born yeserday!! :lol:

I don't really know which sites have the coolest topics yet, any advice on where to find some interesting reading material on this site?

thanks :Grin:
Hi & :welcome: to the forum - have a comfy seat & drink :drinking:
welcome and have fun on the forum!

thanks everyone, having a good read around. whew. a lot of quality items being discussed, good thing i have plenty of time handy.

I look forward to dancing with words, and perhaps dodging a few as well.

i hear there's a rave happening in london, any details?
:hihug: Hello baby... sorry my welcome is so late. Yay!! My bestest friend is on the forum!!! :bananada: Hope you enjoy all the beautiful minds. Lots of love n hugs always. :Smile3:
Hiya buddie of La's :Wink3:

Welcome to the funky forum.. coming to Symbiosis tomorrow?

C ya there if :Wink3:

wish i could have :? but unfortunately i had other plans already. can't wait to hear about the fun i missed out on though. will doubly motivate me to make a stealthy appearance at the next opportunity to party :ph34r:

thanks for the welcome guys. good to be surrounded by great minds and passionate thoughts. :Wink3:

sooooooo, how was the party?