Hello people!!!!


Needs to go raving again!
Hi there, im steve I joine a while back but havnt been on much, im interested in finding some decent raves down in the south east, especially this time of year when we've got the crap weather to deal with :icry:

I've been to a few raves a couple last year in herne bay ( I think) in an old hotel by the seafront.
One in cricklewood in centralish london and a nice outdoor one back the previous summer up the road from me in detling, kent.

Anyway enough talking crap, look forward to raving and meeting some peeps in the near and distant future.. :clubjump:


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novamyth!!! welcome back to the forum!!

keeep your eyes peeeled in the parties section
i'm sure your find something that appeals to
you.. hopefully... fingers crossed!!

Have fun raving... woo