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Mostly stuck in Edinburgh
Yo people I just joined psy forum... think i ll tell you se a bit about me and then you can always get in touch if you choose. I m a 6 6 tall dreddy from south london born in kings college hospitall educated in dodgy private school now studying anthropology at edinburgh university. Since i read my first chomsky when i was fifteen i ve always been well into radical politics ... i mainly like rock music but psy trance is my favorite and i play it on vinyl.. been taking class a s since i was 18 mushrooms since 16 and have enjoyed it and hopefully not overdone it ... am in south london at the mo so i might see you partying i have a very special group of nutty old friends down here who all get up to their own random stuff... i love ranting about psychodelica spirituality etc... what else is there to life... bring on the beautiful future lets rock some selfish people big up to all you guys squash your egos be open and genuine but don't let that stifle a sense of fun... we gotta look after each other and sort things out. don't judge to fast and don't intimidate those that are different if only that can be possible this is a time where we are judged for what we do think say feel and we gonna come out tops i hope...