Hello People =]


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Sth Wimbledon
Hi there;
erm... getting on a bit ;]
getting back to me roots - been into Psy since about '94
[first CD - Tip - the orange compliation] but enjoy allsorts...
been in london 4 years - just starting to go to psy parties again.
used to be involved a little bit with 'tribe of locust' free parties
down on the sth coast - designing flyers, carrying gennies n stuff..
looking for fellow PsyTrancers to get messy and dance with +
any info for good parties 'n Psy squat/free parties etc.
You might have seen me TwisTing me Thang down at Synergy
and Symbiosis the last couple of weeks....
Potatas. =]
Hey dude :welcome: sybiosis was cool check out web site below maybe see you there........................................... :sun:
Welcome to the forum... Symbiosis was cool.... again....

I'm putting up a load of pix soon... when i get my arse in gear....

Hi SkizZ & :welcome: to the party :party2:
Hej Peeps =]
thanks for the welcome =]
Defo gonna go see Son Kite at mass with Symbiosis on the 20th
hope to see some of you there
will be adding me two penneth to the forum threads as and when
I get bored / overloaded at work ;]
love n light