Hello planet earth !!! ..from an ozzy lad


Pseudo -psycho

hello fellow psy punters,
im from australia and happened to fall upon this awesome psy forum... its good to know that there are some like minded people on this big sphere ... we call EaRTH !

YOU, ladys and gentlemen, make this world a beautiful place to live on

peace out ...
:peace: P A U Lie
welcome, welcome!

we got forumers from all over the world here, and some i think are definately not on this planet :P

have a great time here!

Hello, and welcome from Old North Wales!


Ain't life great...?
Hey man, how r u???

:welcome: to OUR FORUM..........I dont know if we can change things in the world, but Im pretty sure that we can help each other to live in a much better way!!! :Grin: