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Hi psy-forum, My name is leechy and im a drum and bass, breaks and tech-house DJ from UK. I like psy too but don't play it, just listen. Im opening a new record shop in Birmingham very soon and want to get a feel of the current direction of this music and whats good, any producers or labels pm me. Id love to hear some of the latest sounds

ps Hi ultraviolet22
:welcome: to the forum Leechy,
fraid it's Psy for me cos the crowd are all a bunch of Hippies and the music's more inspiring than most dance music I've heard since the early 90's

Party on :Smile3:

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Hey leechy I'm one of the guys who put on 'Stereo Chemistry' Birmingham's Slice of the Psytrance pie.
You're opening up a new record shop in Brum! Will this certain record shop be stocking up on psytrance then?
Welcome to the forum, tis a real friendly place to hook up and connect with peeps!
PM me so we can chat :Grin:

Good luck with the shop hope it all goes down a treat!!! :Wink3:

xxLiLoxx :wub:
Hello there matey :Grin:

Good to see you swimming the psychedelic channel :shrooms:

Are you gonna come to Stereo Chemistry - 10th Sept Subway City. You'd enjoy it :partysmi:

When does your shop open? One of the guys who runs a relatively local psy-trance label is playing at Stereo Chemistry - would be worth chatting to him I reckon :Smile3: