hello psy-forum uk :)

your mum

floatyhippyflower said:
Feel free to take the piss out of me anytime you like. My banning stick is far more fluffy and green. :ibiggrin: (your mum...14 year old e-tard right?)
Prepare to experience hell :Grin:


Stunning Cunt
lokus said:
i see, you are "bugs" ex... i have met her twice or so ...she seemed rather nice :Smile3:
but i havent heard the "rest" haha
maybe its better that way :P

yeah, she's a good girl. she doesn't like me much though, which is why i haven't seen matt. i'm very happy for them though, matt is a very good guy :Smile3:

as for the rest; there's so much of it, i wouldn't know where to begin, and you're much better off not knowing anyway :Wink3:


Walking Disaster Zone
And again nice to meet a well known user :ibiggrin: