Hello psy-forum!


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Hello to everybody! I am an ex trancehead who found his roots back a fiew months ago.
I have been making tunes for a fiew years (mainly gabba,electronica, breaks and D&B) but lately I got bored of following the same forms and got back into making trance (Much more creative if you ask me)

I am also one of those foolosh people who went to uni, so I am uneployed with a degree( nobody warned me about this...)

Well, I'm not going to ruin my mood about it, plenty of tome to party :-p

See you in the forum and who knows, maybe at some fat party!


Super evolved amoeba
Hey golaf, hey mak. Any of you guys going to synergy?
Haven't been to one before.
Is it as good as they say it is?



As the banner says: Welcome to the psychedelic underground mate!

PS - Synergy IS as good as people say!


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Hi Schizomorph. I'm in the same boat.
Would like to go some when though:ibiggrin:
Btw: welcome to the forum.


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Hello everyone, cheers for the warm welcome!

Looks like i'm gonna be missing this synergy but maybe next time

Looks like there's a party in a barn toomz I love my dirty small parties