Hello psy lovers

Hiya man! :welcome: to da forum!

Dont be afraid to go to party by urself. I remember when i used to go dancing alone and it was absolutely wicked coz i met wonderful people @ those parties (Chichime, Nagual Sound, Dream Theather, idSpiral parties,etc)
Anyway i m sure u r gonna meet gr8 people in the psy forum!
Also u can check www.accessallareas.org :Wink3:

By the way where r u frm?
Welcome to the forum..come in, sit down, have a cup of 'Tea' and a :smokingr:

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
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great pic :Smile3: we're all psy-babies here, come on in..... :drinking:
Thanks for ur messege yeah ive been to parties by myself before and still do sometimes. if im lucky i get to meet a real cool people as we all are into the same music u know!

Am from Japan by the way. One of the best countries to party! ive been to chichime and some other parties in london as well. Great times.

Do u live in london?

Neway, nice to meet you.

We rave till The Sun Comes Up..
Lovely piccy, dude!

:welcome: to the forum - have some big luvs :wub: