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in the JUNGLE!
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Everywhere and Nowhere
OK, first off i LOVE how you label each tune things like "Psytrance - sexy, squelchy bassline". That's the tune I went for first.

Unfortunately, my work computer has totally bollox speakers, so I'm going to go home later and connect up through my home pooter which is, of course, part of my stereo. But from the tinny bits I heard it sounds very nice, i like the way it evolves, and I could tell how lovely and squelchy it's gonna sound when I get home. Music to drive to in the summer with the hood down.

yeah thats my descriptive co-producer. his best description is "bass whose ass you could grab!" hehe. thanks for listening. Nixk.
I've now had a chance to check out some of your choons at home and I have to say, I like :Grin: you've got a slightly housy skippiness thing going which I really like on crystal clear and gravity well and Spidermind :Grin: has a nice 3D quality to it. They're funky too, definitely quite hard to keep still when listening. Nice one, well done Nick :drinking: