hello to all and especially to all @ ratstock


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in a tin
i've been looking through the site and i recon its cool, and your all mad, still i met a lot of you at ratstock and it was the best thing since the rave scene of the 90's. so bring it on!!!!!!!
Hey dude :welcome: twas also cool to meet you weve still got to talk bands. Coming next week? Heres to the party scene of 00's :sun:
Would that be Rat, as in EJ and Rat ?

If so a hello mate, it's me Rob .
hiya Rat, and :welcome:

xjackiex boing! :jump:
Was i there? can't remember, so little time so many parties.?????????????????/
Haha.. the confusion begins..... No Urk... Thats my lil bro... Rat....

It's a long story..............

Persuade him to do more parties...

Welcome to our mad place Rat :smokingr:

still ain't really worked out how to reply ect-ect

is this where i write stuff or do i reply to you all personally??????
like to say thanks to all for the replys.
no i've never met ej... is it famous or what?
hello percy and now your bro too
paf why were you asleep it was fumpin!!!!!!!!!!!

ave't a clue if iv'e done this right, i guess time will tell, or my bruv will tell,
hopefully someone will tell....

oh yeah and was that scarlet in the mask at ratstock????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
it that how the smilies work???????????????
The boys doin' good haha... we'll turn you into a computer geek Psy freak yet dude :Wink3: :ph34r:

*crashes thru door n pushes everyone away*


bOiNg PoInG BoUnCe WHEE!!
nice to met you at Ratstock AND MY BIRTHDAY PARTY :P

Am I loud!?!!?

:Grin: :lol1:

xxx Ferret xxx :rolleyes:
hello mate come in and take a seat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
weyyy HEYY!!!!!

Welcome dude. look into my eyessss . . . . you r now addicted!

lunch on the farm? :runsmile:
:welcome: to the forum rat-dude :tongue1:

Fookin' el, so there was three Rats at ratstock then.....

Rat ( junior ), no mate, Ej is the name of girlfiend of the (other) Rat I know .
I knew this would happen :lol:

welcome to the forum rat of the rattus of the rattyiest bruv type kind. Enjoy