hello to all from lawless2


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Shepherds Bush, London
:peace: :punk:
Hello there forumers,
just a few words to introduce myself,i have met a some of you at varies outdoor events last summer,and lat weekend in birmingham and then in the afterparty
i have come with ogp from london,i can't think of any names though :o :o
anyway i live in w london,my interests:
partys,trance punk streetpartys helping where i can
and my motto is.
It's nice to be nice and we know it!!! :punk: :punk: :punk:
hope to fill my diary in with some of your names+2
when we next meet.Hopefully in bristol next week
:peace: :sonne: :smokingrasta: :Grin: B)

lawless2 the fluffy punk
Fluffy punks most :welcome: !!! Enjoy! :Smile3:
dude! =) welcome, come join in the frivolous fun!
Hi Jamie!


Good to seeya here at last.

Below is a picture of you and Barclay in a very cold wood near Keele, Staffs October 2003.

Hey, folks, this is my mate Jamie, wot came with me to Stereo Chemistry last Friday, and to Kyla's house in Wolverhampton afterwards. We had a greeeeatt time - and met so many of you that Jamie has now joined. So you must've made a good impression.

And we are going, with three others, to Tribe of Frog in Bristol. With a load of flyers for Project Ozma...

Jamie is often to be found in this position...

:speaker: ...and I fear for his hearing.

Pete xx :sonne: :partysmi:
Hello there Jamie, was great to meet you at Stereo Chemistry, hope you enjoyed yourself. Welcome to the forum dude, will no doubt see you at Tribe of Frog.


:Wink3: :welcome:
Hello there matey :Grin:

It's good to have you with us!!

Hope you got back OK on Saturday - when u finally let pete go home :Wink3:

Was a pleasure to meet you - and I'll see you at ToF! :partysmi:



Nice to catch you here bro!!!

We'll definitely meet up at ToF again!

See you there, and take care, be aware and don't be square .........haha :lol:


Hi Lawless2, and, welcome.

We have met once or twice, somewhat breifly, so I won't be offended if you don't remember, I think we were both a bit trollied, but Pete introduced us, and in the real world, they call me Rob.

Have fun, and I dare say that when I finally sort my messed head and get back on the dancefloor there will be another grinning idiot for you to add to your collection of friends.

Easy now.
hello there jamie...

we have met before - quite a few times..

to name a few...

project ozma - indoors and out - last yr
rex - psysound force - rex - few weeks ago
synergy - seone

i am sure there are plenty more..

its great to see you here..

hope al is groovy with you..

and i hope life is treating you with sunshine and smiles

see you soon dude..

big big smiles


:speaker: :sun: :shrooms: :sun: :shrooms:
hi jamie
think you remember me and wayne from the hectic north :punk: hope your ok and i hope to see you on here quite a bit ther next party i doing in your area is the brixton academy i got the stall there so it should be a bangin night with infected mushroom and sub6
hey pete i've just realised that pic of jamie and dark angel is from the keele woods party where i first met jamie and his little toy hope its still a rockin

see you soon
hugs :sun:
Hi Jamie,
was good to meet you last Friday mate, sorry if my conversation was rapidly disappearing back at Kyla's, rugs stopped the ole head from functioning :blink: . Hope to see you again soon, most prob TOF
:lolsign: :sonne:
thank you guys for all these wellcoming lovin words.
I didn't realise that i have met a number of you,remembering me :wow:
cheers pete,you have now made barcley look like a teenage forest mature blond
adult :wizard1: :wizard1:.
hey tanya,yes of course i remember you :smokingr: :shrooms: :sonne:
is nice to be here,thanks for making me feel wellcome
:peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :peace: :ph34r: :peace: :peace:

lawless @ fluffy punk

oi pete why is tribe of frog not this weekend anyway!!! :Grin: :Grin: B) :lolsign:
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partys,trance punk streetpartys

howdy dude and welcomes to the forum ere ... you'll get on well with my fluffy trance punk mate dirty bob - hard as nails and soft as rabbits :rolleyes:
enjoy ur stay .... and keep in touch


:sob: c'ause pete is giving up, in his disgracefully apreciated existence,to recuperate for BRISTOL to go and have a "LICK"...... on @ :yum: :wow: :stickouttongue: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker: :speaker:
filled with plumtiousness and he is deserting me ,by leaving me sat here
trying to make sense,out of :wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1: :wizard1: