hello to all psy-cookie monsters!


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'lo all beautiful psy-enthusiasts! thought i'd say something about meself after going straight in and posting on the party section. i've been following the magic of psy for about 6 years, first night being a slightly hazy but insane night at tyssen street (r.i.p). i'm so glad to have found a place to chat and meet like-minded people!! :lol: the sites amazing - massive hugs to the creator for being a genius.
i'm putting on a night in leeds in May to help Gecko in keeping the vibe going, and i've been djing for a year or so - although nuttin big under my belt yet i am well up for entertaining any free parties!
love to all - hopefully meet some of you at symbiosis! :speaker:
easy now
:sun: ello, welcome and av fun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Beano :welcome:
Greetings Zaban. We all find the forum in the end, takes a while, but more and more peeps are slowly finding their way home. Enjoy the forum dude, I'm sure you will.