Hello to you all!


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Thought I had best introduce myself!

I don't have a computer at home so only can do this at work (shhhh) :o

I'm new to the scene but I know what I like and I love psytrance. A good friend of mine introduced it to me and I just love dancing to it.

I do also love Manga, anime and most asian cinema, Jpop & Rock.

I don't know what else to say! :no: :?

So ta ta for now!
:welcome: & enjoy! :Smile3:

:welcome: :wub: :welcome: :lol: :welcome:


Hope you'll find it furry and whiskery here!!!

xxLiLoxx (innit!!)
:partysmi: :partysmi: Yay! Another anime nut! :partysmi: :partysmi:

(And Cowboy Bebop fan to boot!)

Welcome! :Grin:

hehehe was recently introduced to Cowboy Bebop by a friend :Smile3: Amazing series with a somewhat surprising ending!

Welcome to the forum :Smile3:
:welcome: to the :party2:

Habari? tinykatt :welcome:

Im new aswell, calls for a :drinking:

Hope to see u about somewhere :speaker:
Hi tinykatt & :welcome: - great avatar :Smile3:
Thanks Everybody! Think i'm gonna like it here! :jump: :tongue1:
I do love all the different smilies :P
:welcome: cowboy bebop is wkd! they have loads of cds of their music too which is really cool funky jazzy stuff, yoo should get if you havent already :Smile3:
here pussy pussy

welcome kitty kat
have fun and don be a stranger :Wink3:
:partysmi: :jump: