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Hello all you lovely people! I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this forum. I have recently experienced a reawakening of my love for psy trance so have been a busy bee searching the psyberworld for fellow psybernauts. It looks like I've found psybernaut psentral! OK I'll stop it with the ps words now :Wink3: So I live in the Birmingham area, anyone here from around there?? I NEED TRANCE! :crazy: I'm considering having glow sticks permanently welded to my hands...or maybe just tattooing my entire body with UV ink :sonne: Ahh, the glow...

Hi phlee. I'm part of the Stereo Chemistry crew based in Wolverhampton and we have just recently shipped the night over to Subway City in Birmingham, first one was last Friday, dont know if you managed to make it? A really good night was had by all! Welcome to the forum mate, you'll find all the info you need here! Next Stereo Chemistry is 12th March @ Subway :partysmi:
Sadly I didn't make it to the last one, but Barklay (Dark Angel) has told me I must come to the next one and say hello, so I'm definitely going to be there :Smile3: I guess I'll see you there too! Peace

And a howdymagoolatrix to yooble tooble, Mr/Mrs/Ms Helix! Is that as in DNA?

Phlee(mateemahobbledyhintergard) :hehe: