hello you little hiding monkeys you


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I wondered if I was the only one who saw things the way I did (In harlow its easy to feel like this). People who paint and dance and make and play music and think like I do. then I look at my ma and think she's kinda like me, she paints and makes sculptures and beautiful clothes but she doesn't love the music I play and she never dances. I look at my friends and think well they play music but they don't really dance like me and they don't think the way I do at all.
Then I stumbled in to the woods (many moons ago) and found psy trance and all its conotations and it all made sense. And its good to know that people are out there. even though you can't always see them easily from here. and they must be out there otherwise who would it be that is buying my silly clothes and smiling at me across the fire? Now it seems your all here. which is nice to. maybe now that I am leaving the countryside you will be less hard to find and I will be less of an oddity. Which now I put it in writing makes little sense.
damn it.
t' was going so well.


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hello bubblejunkie, you'll find a lot of very nice (and sometimes silly) people here who'll all make you very welcome. There are lots of painters and dancers and peeps who wear bright and beautiful things.

Fluffy is the word of the day :Smile3:

be happy

cHoppA :P


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Big :welcome: to the Forum

:sun: :sun: :sun:
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Yippee!! :jump: I love hearing stories like that :wub: Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :sun: Welcome welcome welcome to our community and may you party, dance and create your limbs off :partysmi: No doubt see you at a party soon :Wink3: