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Just joined the forum so i'd know of upcoming events and maybe meet some nice new people into the same stuff as me to go raving with.

:badger: im loving this badger...and shall use it on every possible occasion.

As well as liking psy trance im also a big big fan of ska but also like to listen to a massive loads of other genres.

Anyway Im gonna go and snoop around a bit....

Probably see some of you guys at misztifiedmind.

ciao xx

p.s im a girl, 16, in Kent...Canterbury to be more percise incase thats what i was suppose to inform you guys here instead of just babbling on.


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:welcome: to the forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big warm fluffy hug hello from me :hihug:

i've been to kent but never to canterbury!
your like the forum here!
i like your music taste... :Smile3: :Wink3:



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RobAC said:
Wikid!!! ska girl from canterbury???? i'm a ska boy that used to be from canterbury, but now from dover!!

:wow: Thats cool.

Peh Insomniak by Miztifiedminds might be cancelled because of equiptment being stolen. This sucks. :?



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yeah always cool too meet ska people especialy from canterbury, skas the only way, bugger electronic dacnce music, cancelled thats a basterd innit


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Love SKA..........fuckin loves it................Utility_Stick.....carefull of her...........she sounds much too young

he he he..................I'm from Chatham originally.........nice to hear ya.



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peh i cant believe miztifiedminds has been cancelled. :unsure:

does anyone know of anything else going on tonight in or around kent...if so please pm me.

peace out,

xxxxxxx :badger:

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..BEEN AWAY for a week..so didn't say hi in time..HI :Smile3:

If you ever get the chance to go Bristol way, check out a tribe of frog night.. it's a good un :Smile3:..