the psyder munkey

can i swing on it ?
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in the trees
hello im a munkey
i like, being naked in the woods, stroking donkys, rolling in mud, being naughty with fairys elve's and pixie's and dancing to psy trance.
i can be a bit of a devil somtimes (not a nasty one tho).

hope to meet you all at the partys this year

love and light :wizard1:
oooooo so many people, i hope to meet you all and stomp in the woods with you.
you cant miss me im the one with the dredds :Grin:
and i'll remember to keep my clothes on around donkys ( i wouldnt want them to get the wrong idea anyway).

i cant wait for the out door partys to get fully under way, we should work out a way of identifying each other..... perhaps we could all wear carrots on our lapel's

soggy hugs and muddy puddles
x the alien x
Oh, great, another mud-bather!

Hi dude! Nice intro.


You'll find this a very friendly place.

And it's fun meeting people at parties. - Especially outdoors in mud baths, provided the air temperature is not too cold. You need a warm sunny day following a period of rain. Not always easy to achieve.

There are some fantastic parties advertised, and reminisced over, on this forum.

Pete :sonne: :partysmi: