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hey all - so i'm supposed to say a bit about meself..
studying at york uni, missing the psytrance scene in cambridge, as there's sqaut all to do in york (found a free party the other week tho, woohoo!)

been producing tunes for a few years now, maybe eventually it'll get released (we can dream, cant we?).. and been mixing up the psytrance, what little there is available on vinyl. but, there aren't many partys in york so its going slow..

anyone else out there from this part of the world? -theres a few things going on in leeds, but that gets expensive...

Sturdy Pete :cool:
Welcome Sturdy Pete :Smile3:

I'm not from York but hello anyway :Grin:

You should come to Stereo Chemistry in Birmingham - 4th June - much fun to be had! and then it's to Little Green Planet after that!!!

Do you have a demo you can get to me by any chance? Trying to get together UK psy-trance DJ's/producers!

Once again - welcome to the forum :smokingr: I hope it doesn't swallow your time - beware :unsure: :Wink3:
hello mate!

i live in york with a few nutters, theres never much going on here but if you fancy giving me a shout your more than welcome to join us fer a pint or two!

I travel to plenty of parties down south too so if theres one going on and you fancy a mission im always game fer a laugh :Wink3:

drop us a pm

hugs Henners

This is a great place, and must be especially helpful to folk living in relative isolation from other psy-trancers.

Well, I used to be Hon Secretary of the Lowther Hotel Folk Song Club, Kings Staith, York but I don't know if it's still going. That was in 1966, a bit before psychedelic trance... :Wink3:

What are you studying? :shrooms:

Yes, do come to Stereo Chemistry in Birmingham, if you can. You'll meet lots of good, friendly forumers there (I travel to it from London so, obviously, I reckon it's well worth it). You may be able to get a young person's deal on the trains, which can make them just about affordable - I sometimes use my elderly person's card (sorry, "Senior Railcard", must stay PC) to travel to all-night parties.

:bananada: :jump: :bananada: :jump: :bananada:
damn exams - make me forget the forum for a few weeks :Sad:
well there all done now, and i'm back in cambs for the summer - horay for psybernetics!

anyway, i do have a demo, and am definatley up for trundling about to some good parties!
Hi Sturdy Pete & :welcome: to the forum :smoke:
Hello there, so great to have you onboard mate :partysmi:
Hey sturdy,

If ever your bord come to Liverpool, where there are loads pf Psy trancers.

Take it easy and welcome !!