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Hya peeps,
I am new although I registered a while back, I havn't been on here much. Tisk!!!!
Me and My chap - Nick are well into our psytrance.

We have just started promoting our own night to give him and other lesser known dj's in our area a chance to play out and get experience.
Its called Toadstool ( because it was Tribe of Frog that brought us to psytrance, so we have alot to thank them for) You see - Frog - Toad.

I would be so chuffed if you would check out the website I have designed, being a complete novice and let me know what you think. www.toadstool.org.uk

We will be doing regular parties in Cheltenham providing the first few go ok. We just want to give psytrance fans a good night out in the right environment. Like Tribe of Frog but on a much smaller scale - more intimate. :Smile3:
Looks like a really cheery nice site. I like the way you chat about how and why you got into Psy. Your Photo-gallery is a bit tricky to use from my browser as the "thumbnails" stretch right over far away to the right and the picture they display is shown in the same place on the left. I'd also suggest putting in a <title>Toadstool - Psychedelic Trance in Cheltenham</title> type tag on the pages so the window tells you what you're looking at. As a novice effort - Well Done! Good start ...

Haven't been to Chelts for ages, is a lovely chilled place as I remember (apart from bored arsehole criminal types, but everywhere gets those ...) hope your parties go well and maybe see you at some of the summer gatherings.
Thanks for your comments martin,
Its weird how the site looks and works fine from where i did it at home, but on other pc's it comes across in a different way! Doh...Frontpage - Bah!!!
Still I am still learning and value any input.
See you at a Toadstool gig sometime soon hopefully.
C :shrooms:
Ah - Frontpage eh? It conforms to Microsofts specs, which are different from the international web standards ... in other words will go weird on Linux, Mac and other systems as well as for people using other web browsers.

I use FireFox as my browser - you can get a free copy of it at

http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ and once you have used it for a bit you'll not want to use Microsoft IE ...

Best of luck with your Toadstool parties, if I'm ever near Chelts I'll remember to look in ...

Love and light,

M. x
Just checked out your web site..F'da F'da is deffinatly my favorite ToF resident

I might see if i can get a car load down from Bristol..how far is it?