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Thought I'd make my way over here, recognise a few names from Tribe of Frog, I hope I recognise a few more on this list from parties and festivals...
Loving the psy-scene been involved one way or another for about 3 years now and it just gets better and better, did my first psy free party this weekend near Chichester and it was amazing, hope to experience more of the same. :shrooms:
Perhaps see some of you at the Glade, or at Boom this year?! :sun:

Love n light
emma xx
Hiya Ash
Saw a pic of you at the twisted party?! did you have fun?! I'm gutted I missed it but I had a brilliant time at a party on the weekend, down in the woods with the pixie people *grin* truely lovely!
Hi Dave
Seems lots of folk stray between the two sites, so I thought I'd give this one a look!!
Very nice - but quiet, how do i see who is on-line??
Em xx
Hello Emma, :welcome: Recognise your name from Frogz Forum... The o0 0o gave it away :Wink3: Psyforum is wicked, have fun!! :sun:
Hey Geoff
It looks good, although I think Dave aka TG is right, I'm never going to get any work done now!!
ahoy Wiley Peyote thanks nice to be here....

hey lo mullet - do you have one...a mullet that is...oh I hope so :Grin: Looking forward to Boom, its my first one and I can't wait. Dancing in the sun is the way to a happy life! :Smile3:

52DSL - code?? Thanks its nice to be here!!
hi ya!! hope ur well.... will c u 2nite 4 a boogie!!

(scroll all the way down on the main index to check who is online)

hugsx :partysmi:
Thanks mate, I figured it out in the end!! I like to know whos around on these things! :Smile3:
Definately be out for a bOOgiE tonight, should be a nice crowd...again YAY! :jump: