<John wonders into the room>

Well hello! Hmm post a little about myself you say?

Been DJing for 7 years mainly trance ( now there's a word over used by the masses!) and hard house.

So about that trance, which styles? back in '97 I was buying relitivly commursail stuff then as (IMHO) the quaility of the trance decreased went slightly more underground. ( but not in the direction of this forum more Renascence and lost language. I don't have a problem buying a good record (again IMHO) if it make it big though, eg Testo, PvD, Tomcraft etc.

So what brings me here?

well I'm (trying) to get into production ( I've got FLstudio XXL)and I enjoy listening to this style of trance. Someone posted a link to it on a computer music magazine forum and here I am!

B seeing ya,


PS I'm dyslexic so pls forgive any spelling mistakes that may slip through
Well Hellooooo,
Welcome, and hope you find it all cwl and grwvi.
'tis a special place, to be sure!!!!
its :wizard1: in here :welcome: to the madness

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3:
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hahaha :P Reading that's easy but I don't care to type a reply in the same fashion,

Thanks for making a newbie feel welcome :Grin: