Hi everyone,

it's my turn now, usually i am very shy, but as a good friend of mine says that doesn't get you far.. soooo

Here I am, my name's Andrea, male, from Sardinia. Into psy trance since more then 4 years now, after an uplifting intoxication in a Pendragon party at the Accademy, what a night!!

You can see me sometimes putting some music at the psy DMT, I'm the skinniest of all, can't go wrong about it :P

Got in this forum thnx to Ross from liquid, hey Ross! pass me the fondu' mate..

Hope i'll see you around at some stage

love, peace and light..

:bananada: I diddit!! :bananada:
mmmmmh feeling that confy feeling already :smokingr:

thnx man

Now that my shyness is gone I'd like to say a big thanx to all you english people for the great hospitality in your land, contrary to what people think out there I find you warm and welcoming. I am having a big time up here in the chill, miss my island thogh :sun:

Also biggest hug to all friends I met during these years.. :wub: :wub: :wub:
Thnx all for welcome kind words, feel already home here :drinking:

Psyxel - Leo was in the shop few weeks ago, back from India, was suppose to play at the DMT party but I did not see him all night. Shoulb be heading to Spain soon.. :sun:

Dunno of Justin..

See ya around folks :punk:
Welcome EVER so much!!!
Lovely you would find your way here (well done Ross :Smile3:)

*bounce bounce hug scrumble* :P that was my little welcome jig for you!!!!!
Hope you will find it pleasant and entertaining here (I do :Smile3:)
:sun: :sun: :sun: :lol:

Take care and dont be shy now :Wink3:

xx LiLo xx :wub:
Lilo what a jigy wellllcome :wow:

most apretiated


Have a great time here!

Ahhh.. a nice cuppa chai, my favourite.

Thnx Emma, 3 sugars for me please.. :shrooms:

Fab wesite you have :punk: