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Hi all,

I came from France 2 years ago to work in UK (Brighton) and now I can't leave this country! The parties are amazing, people I meet are usually smiling and nice and I get paid to test some video games at work...
I've always been a 'Techno' fan but when I was in France, I couldn't find any 'style' I would prefer and really enjoy all the party long (Since it's usually no less than 12 hours). At this time, what we call 'Hard-Tek' in France, was the Fashion. But for me the parties were too dark the music really too fast with no apparent melody (At least for me). Then I moved in England and discovered (oh my god!) the Psychedelik trance... :bananada: I fell in love with the music first, then with the atmosphere and finally (When I was able to speak comfortably in English) the people around these parties.
That's how I discovered this forum and I'm really interested to see if I will find here all these infos I need and maybe I can also help someone :Smile3:
See you in parties and keep up the good mood!

Bonjour and Didier :welcome: to the forum.

There's some great parties in Brighton - hope to catch you there soon :party2: