Help save tigers AND solve your present problems??


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Hello ... for those of you who don't know me, I work in tiger conservation, have done for 15 years; one of the things I do is run something called 21st Century Tiger, which funds tiger conservation projects in the field. Hence this shameless plug ....

If you would like to solve your present problems with an item that is attractive, interesting and quirky, that gives you culture brownie points AND conservation brownie points, AND is really good value for money, look no further .... for every copy of this really lovely book bought direct from 21st Century Tiger, £5 goes to tiger conservation projects in the field. It is hardback and on quality art paper with many colour plates - for only £9.99!!!

And the tiger conservation and biology facts are much more accurate than is normal in this sort of book, cos they had a very good consultant hehe


A bit from the blurb.....

"This book includes beautiful paintings from all over the world, both contemporary and ancient, and by both famous and unknown artists. You will find masterpieces by Rubens and Salvador Dali and Diego from Ice Age. It will also give you an insight into the life of the tiger with information such as what they eat, where they live and which bits are used in traditional Chinese medicines. The book is designed for a wide range of ages and people, from eight and above, with the hope that you will discover how fascinating tigers are and the threats they face."

Personally, I think it's great, and not just because we raise funds from it; it is fascinating from both the "tigers in culture" and the biological perspectives, and I find Joanna's writing style very dry and amusing. She did this with sponsorship and so did not need to sell it to publishers in the usual way, hence never had to identify a target age group - but we all agree here that the book is perfect for children aged from 8 to 80.

You can find an order form, and a PayPal online payment facility, on Or of course you can get them direct from me, provided our paths intersect, and save yourself the postage costs of £2.50.

Thanks in advance, anyone that buys any!