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I'm trying to run audio from my stereo to my PC, but I cant get decent quality recorded to my hard disk. I'm using a good quality cable with a bog standard cable extender which goes into the back of my PC. I can get a decent sound by connecting my cable to the Line-in port on my Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS but Creative Wavestudio doesn't seem to be able to record it. It can record fine if I connect my cable to the Mic socket, but it sounds like shit if I do that. Is there a good solution to this, or do I need a better soundcard and/or software. I'm trying to put some mixes on CD since my tape machine is screwed. :Sad:

Many thanks

DJ Brucie
Is your Line-in enabled in the Recording Controls? Or is it some other kind of problem you have. Does wavestudio record anything at all or is it just silence? I can't quite tell what the prob is.
try opening the control panel of your soundcard and find a setting which will be called something like "record source". if it says mic in or something similar, change it to line in. and that should solve the prob. if that doesnt work or you cant find the setting, try looking in wave studio under preferences or settings. unfortunately i dont have either of them myself so i am only guessing, hope it helps.
Control Panel (Double click the speaker icon in the bottom-right tray) > Options - switch the 'Adjust Volume for' radio button to 'Recording'. There'll be a checkmark underneath the fader for 'Microphone'. Check the box under 'Line In', and that should work.

N.B. I'm just repeating what Double Helix has said, but in a bit more detail - hope it helps.

Many thanks, I'll try that when I get home from work. btw can anyone recommend a good program that I can use to split up one continous mix into tracks for burning onto a CD? I can do it with Wavestudio but its very time consuming.