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OMG annoying cubase issue!!!

well i have a few questions, one being after getting around this sidechain deal with cubase using the Waves C1 Comp-sc im wondering if i have to keep running the 2 synths (kick and bass) into the group channel wiht the sidechain compressor attached to it, or can i just record the output of the group and use the wav files........if u know what i mean..........or will the freeze function just do the job?

secondly the kick and the bass seem to go off synch after a few minutes of repeating a certain loop, the bass seems to change a bit as well, is this because of this sidechain or is it my "try before u buy" sx3 or is my computer just shit? tho it is a new computer and pretty powerfull too and its got an RME audio interface so i dont understand why its happening.......maybe i configured it wrong

anyways any sugggestions ar welcome, thank you have a nice day :Smile3: