Here we go

Hello I just listened to your tunes and I have to say that Planet Earth is my fav it kind of reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygen. Was this an influence at all?
I also like the Clanger samps. I like it when something like this puts them in a new context. Good work.
Just finished listening to Planet Earth... :speaker: ..lovely break in the middle, just slid into it, and being a big fan of the clangers I totally enjoyed the samples, nice message btw :Wink3:
Sleeping Being - You said it was dreamy & indeed it is, mmmm
Wait (remix) - I enjoyed the Eastern vibe to this, some nice hand-drumming in there, lush guitar pieces laced over a galloping base (System 7 influence?) - just my cup o' chai :bananada:
thanks for the comments..
yeah j m jarre has been an influence - had to sequence oxygene 4 for GSCE music (got 10/10 :Grin:)

good to hear people enjoy it - i'll get some more stuff up there tommorow

got some more tunes uploaded, bit more towards the hard trance than the psy though :ph34r:

right, now my main concern about my tracks is that i use quantise a bit too much, and also use the mouse to input a lot of the riffs etc.. and as a consequence everything tends to sound a bit robotic. I've been trying to move away from this, but its kinda hard to tell cos i've listened to these tunes waaaaaaay to much.. any tips / comments?
I'm acutally quite intrested in what makes the difference between a exactly-in-time beat and one with a groove, sometimes the tiniest adjustment can make all the difference - but what adjustments to make? the closer i get to a 4 to the floor beat which grooves, all of my break beat bits end up sounding like garage beats :no:
need to find that fine line which makes it perfect

hmm...enough mutterings, enjoy.... :Grin: