heres what i do

the psyder munkey

can i swing on it ?
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in the trees
i thought it was about time i got a profile, so you can all see if i have a service that you desire,
here go's

im good at.....
rolling around on the floor
dancing in mud
getting in trouble
being told off
getting in a mess
pulling faces
showing people my bum :bottomsup:
falling over
drinking cider

so if you need abyone to do any of these things dont hesertate to contact me
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
We're in desperate need of an unstable troublesome messy rolling mud dancing psyder drinker to pull faces and get told off in the main room at the rocket on saturday, can you help? :drinking:
imps always looking for dedicated peformers (no prima-dona... not the point in imps > seduce others dress and dance is why imps is there).
imps costumes for imps gigs but i also make costumes for other performers (dosh for my time of course... all goes toward the costumes).
sorry, new performers wise there is a queue but meet up ok as things do take some time.
living near bristol makes things easier
grins and check us out
delphine (boss-lady/slave-monkey)