hey everyone!


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i'm kat, from cape town, living in london and i had the most beautiful surprise a few weeks ago when (me+friends) stumbled upon that crazy amazing psy-trance party in that little forest next to that canal near willesden junction (i think).YAY!!!the universe was listening after all!i met a guy there who gave me this website, and here i am, cos i need MORE!!! :jump:


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Isn't it great when you follow up on something and it turns out to be great?! I think you are gonna like it here, great fun and wonderful people. :welcome:


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:welcome: SA. Lot'sa you lot here..

I was there with two Saffa's an we met 5 or 6 more, so we may have met already.

Symbiosis. 25th.. be there....Forum room

:party2: :party2: :party2:


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Hey Kat, :welcome: to the party :Smile3:

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Hey kat, I think i was that guy at that party. Its Dan! :Grin:
You should definately come to the Sybiosis party on 25th.