Hey hey!!


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Hey Everyone.

After having such an amazing time at Glade, and on Poncho's recommendation, i thought I'd register on here and say Hello. Anyone who was camping near the Hexebos, i was the ginger haired girl who wore a lot of green! Hope some of you remember me. I had the most awesome weekend so thanks to everyone who made me feel very welcome into your community. Now I'm just counting down the days til the next one!

Thats all for now.

Tink* xx


welcome :Smile3:

did see you, but then again i didnt really go near the hexebo eeeek
hope to see round sometime


well done poncho .............................another one bites the dust :lol:


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Hey Tink*
Hmmm. I think I saw you floating around the Mega Hexzebo at Glade. I recall fairy wings and cool furry boots, You looked hot.


(do you fancy going for a drink in the local tonight?)